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Wang Kaew Jewlry factory is the head quarter of jewelry producer with the highest quality of gems and precious stones in Kanchanaburi

This province is a main gems source of Thailand There have been gem mines for ages. In the present time, Kanchanaburi is the  largest gem mine in Asian

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There are many colors of the type of spinel gems such as red, green, yellow, indigo, orange, brown and black. Among these colors

Is one of the world’s first grade delicate fine precious handicraft producing place owing to the Thai’s artwork relay since over thousand year former period further more, Thailand is also the center of gems cutting and the world’s first class colored gems market. It can be concluded that Thailand produce a lot of material for precious jewelry.

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            All gems in Thailand are found as one singular kind (Black spinel). There’s no black onyx in Thailand.
            Black Onyx with much rougher surface than black spinel and also comes lighter, thinner, smaller and much less harder than black spinel, most Thai people get mistake black spinel for black onyx because they don’t know black spinel which is particular in Thailand.

       Wang Kaew Jewelry factory Ltd, (Kanchanaburi)
:: 5 Star qualities ::
            1. Pure silver material which is only once produced
            2. Every piece of black spinel is authentic with the highest cutting quality standard.
            3. Molding, shape and surface are delicate.
            4. We sell with none sty and virtue
            5. All pieces of work are delivered to customers on time.
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